Every 2nd person in 18-44 age group has taken 1 shot

LUCKNOW: Every second person in the 18-44 age group in Lucknow has received at least a shot of the Covid vaccine.
However, only 16% of this group has been fully vaccinated so far with the two doses. Further, 43% have not taken any dose yet.
The district’s adult population is about 36 lakh, including 26 lakh in the 18-44 age group. All aged above 18 years are eligible for vaccination.
The mass immunisation drive was rolled out on January 16, but inoculation of the 18-44 age group started in May.

In five months since then, a total 19.1 lakh doses have been administered to people in this group. About 8.6 lakh doses were utilised in inoculating 4.3 lakh people (17%) in this group with two shots, thus fully vaccinating them with the two-dose course.
About 10.5 lakh (41%) people in this category have been partially vaccinated with a dose so far. They are waiting for their gap period to be over to take the second dose.
This means that 14.7 lakh people in the 18-44 years age group have taken at least a dose, which is 57% of the total population of this category.
However, this also means that 11.3 lakh (43%) people in this group have still not taken even a single dose.
District immunization officer Dr MK Singh said, “Though vaccination of the 18-44 years age group began late, their turnout was huge. Hence in five months, such a large number has been vaccinated. We are trying to cover the remaining as early as possible.”
85% of 45+ have taken a shot
Over 85% of the 10 lakh population aged 45 years or above in the district has received at least a shot. Of these, a micro analysis shows that 47% have been fully vaccinated with the two doses, while 38% have taken a dose and are waiting for the second. About 15% have not taken any dose so far.

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