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Ensure safety of doctors at non-Covid hospitals: UPPMSA

LUCKNOW: UP Provincial Medical Services Association (UPPMSA) on Tuesday sought appropriate action to ensure safety of doctors and staff deployed at the emergency of the hospitals across the state.
In a letter to the Director General Medical and Health Services (DGMHS), UPPMSA president Dr Sachin Vaishya and general secretary Dr Amit Singh have stated: “Many patients with respiratory distress syndrome – breathing difficulty or shortness of breath – are coming to the emergency wards of non-Covid district hospitals and primary/community health centres across the state. It has been seen in these cases that they don’t have any Covid test report or had been tested negative in the rapid antigen tests. However, their X-Ray and CT-Scan reports show signs of Covid-19.”
The UPPMSA office-bearers said that there are reports that doctors in these non-Covid government hospitals and centres are facing pressure from higher-ups and politicians to admit patients with Covid-19 symptoms. Admission of such patients in these hospitals is leading to infections among doctors and healthcare staff on emergency duty. Such a situation also poses a risk of infection to under treatment non-Covid patients in these healthcare centres
Further, the letter states, all the district hospitals in the state, particularly in small districts, which have been converted into dedicated Covid facilities, are already working to their capacity.
The two UPPMHS office-bearers asked DGMHS to intervene and take appropriate measures to protect doctors and healthcare workers from falling victim to infection. Already many doctors and paramedics have been infected or died due to infection, they added.

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