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Disha Salian Case : An absolute foul play?

Disha Salian Case is an absolute example of fowl play.All the updates either online or television media who are closely following on this clearly indicates that it is an Disha Salian case is an absolute case of fowl play.

Based on all circumstances any child also can draw conclusion that Disha Salian Case is an absolute fowl play.

Do,t you agree ? Here are few questions think answer yourself will come to conclusion yourself.

  1. Disha was not interested to attend party knowing which kind of party it is and who all are attendees and what could be happened but she was forced to attend.So who forced her to attend the party ?
  2. Do you not thing one of the attendees or group of attendees leads to take decision to do fowl play to push her from balcony ?
  3. Her body was found long distance from apartment.How it is possible.Can you imagine someone running in flat and jumping from balcony to do suicide.Does it sounds familiar to you ? .Have you heard of any such thing in past ?
  4. In initial investigations of Maharashtra Police when they expected intervention of Bihar Police after case was registered in #justiceforsushantsingrajput Disha Salian folder was deleted by Maharashtra Police.Is is true ? How it is possible ? If it happened also my mistake if you assume why they have not tried to retrieve it which is easily possible by any desktop recovery software easily available.
  5. Why CCTV footage is not available for 08.06.2020 and 09.06.2020 ?.Read full story about why CCTV footage was deleted ?.
  6. Why there is no entry available in security register for 8th June and 9th June ?
  7. What happened in 8th June night in that party?.
  8. All the investigation made by Maharashtra Police was not influenced with mala fide intention and since initial investigations they were inclined to wash out all the evidence because they already have the details and influence to do so ?
  9. What do you think whole government will come to save #Rhea and defame themself at global level ? Do you not think any attendees or group of attendees of party must be involved due to the reason police was already aware what happened and they were mentally ready what to do and they have declared it suicide.
  10. Was she not gang raped and later she was pushed from balcony by group of people because one person might not be able to throw her so long away where she was found ?
  11. Rohan Rai friend speaks recently .Is that not exposing itself ?
  12. There was strong link between #dishasalian case and #sushant case .You can find many reports which clearly identifies that she spoke 45 minutes while travelling back to home

Are you able to answer these questions yourself ? What it reveals  as reader .All these indicates that what ever said above is absolutely right that Disha Salian Case is an absolute foul play.

We are not pointing to anything or anyone what we are just trying to say whatever facts are available all can not be false and only those who are denying is right also.

Fair enquiry was definitely the right way to go.Same is expressed by Supreme Court of India due to the reason this case was handed over to CBI one of the best investigating agency in India .

Major challenges to CBI to collect all the evidences which is already destroyed as case was handed over to CBI little bit late and evidences have been destroyed with policia mindset to it is really hard for CBI.

We can see CBI is taking time to be conclusive as they need to have solid evidence before they conclude and there is fare amount of chance their inability to draw conclusion due to lack of evidences.

Regarding direct link between these two wrong happenings .Disha Salian worked very small tenure with Sushant still she feel confidence to share it with Sushant not Aishwarya for her she worked almost two years as many reports say it may be because of Sushant helping nature and expectation that he can help.

This information sharing really harmed Sushant and waste his life also .There were many reports you might have heard or read in various media about Sushant statement “He is scared they will not leave him”.

An innocent self driven creative mindset and growing actor lost his life due to bad happening in said party.This was the main reason why Sushant issue got huge amount of support globally.

You can see many gang rape cases which causes too much concern in India in recent years.Bollywood has emerged as one stop destination for all unethical activities.

Please review happenings from last four month what all is happening have raised too many basic questions and concerns for common man of India .

This is democracy government will come and go and again come if they are doing right what is expected but what about system like police system.Anyone can expect influence from present government but it should not be in more than 100% control of local government.

If so can`t we say police system have lost their establishment concept.Are they not created for safety and security of common man of India either it is local police to state or any central police agencies.

Why all agencies forget one thing no any government is paying for them they are only managing it is really common man money all the system manage for what democracy is elected wot work for common man.

There were many investigation agencies involved in this case since start of the issue including local police and they might have many IPS as well which is absolutely not in control of state government.There was not a single instance came up who have shared anything on this.

This is really surprising and cause of concern for common man of India wherever any such case is happening and feel level of threat behind it. 

Another case of concern for common man of India is that while we know that Disha family have denied any co-relation of Sushant case with Disha Case.May be we can review this what may be the possibilities.

We all know this rape evil is not new to society this is keep happening .Even current government have made some rule to overcome but still many gang report has been reported.

We all are very well known in current system how many cases went un-noticed and many times it has been reported that how difficult to raise even FIR against any powerful person or so.Many times accused returned and harassed when they try to report itself.

Country have seen many honour killings in past.What is that.Why victims are not feeling confidence in system and why system does not show their support so common man have feeling that in case of any happening system is behind us to safe gaurd. 

There family still have many members and they have to survive.Have someone (any agencies) checked with them why they do not want to have fare enquiry to find out what exactly happened .It may be “badnami ka dar” even they have not done anything wrong and who have done wrong is free and wasting too much of resources of country for get them nominated that he have done wrong.

I can feel what kind of feeling people may have.All these are really controversial issues over many years.If you want to remind yourself please see escalated gang rape related cases in recent years which have rocked india many years.

This is absolutely not to point fingers on any one this is just expression with clear intention if all this can be addressed in right manner which is going to help India to emerge as really good nation to proud of. Request to all who is going through it please do not associate it with yourself by any means.We all as a nationalist to raise our support to get these kind of things eliminated from our society to have fearless,expressive and respecting to each others society.

We all expecting that truth will emerge as a winner which is always Indian philosophy and believe on the land of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram and every year we use to celebrate this in form of dussehra.If it can be overcome soon coming dussehra will make our philosophy and  believe even more stronger.


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