Corona Virus Update : India is on neck fighting race expected to beat US soon



We all are well aware what world is going through due to corona virus. Entire  world economy at stake. All affected countries are trying to find the way how they can recover their economy all the possible ways .

World started opening their premises with hope and dedication to recover from the impact of pandemic.There are many studies can be found on net that this pandemic have pushed world`s economy by more than 10 years.

Many countries are trying to boost their economy by implementing price hike of common commodities price, some how it is one of the way to recover but it is burden for their societies as it looks little bit harsh on them.

Some how people are surviving in society have already seen too bad impact of pandemic in terms of business losses job cuts bad employment status and many more except medical sector which have exponential growth during pandemic.

Even it have opened doors for many pandemic related stuff business like sanitizers hand wash mask business .Many companies started production of sanitizers.

Even there was huge support to this pandemic from Doctors,Nurses and medical staff police department.We salute their efforts to save society.

World have witnessed many exploitation cases of medical sector .There were many reports you might have went through on television media.

With all being said many countries started their research for finding out vaccine.We have many positives on this even it was expected faster but any how we have started  getting it finalized.

Russia have taken lead while many countries on the verge of it.Russia started first covid-19 prescription based drug for sale in market.

At the time of writing post below is the current status of pandemic across the world.Big question on country from where it was pushed is less impacted.It was too worse example of chemical advancement and exploiting the entire world for their own benefit.

It can be rated even millions times bigger crime that of terrorism.World have seen United States reaction for such incidents in past but looks it is also busy in elections now a days.

While matter comes related to India.From last few weeks cases are on unexpected rise.It is very difficult to say exact reason but it may be because of India started opening from covid-19 in controlled manner but looks it is still impacting even after maintaining social distancing masking and sanitizers use.

May be because of the nature of pandemic. But one thing is good that percentage of life loss is relatively low as compared to many other countries.


But right now India is facing three side border impact also all financed by our neighbour country which entire world knows.PAK & NEPAL all financed and influence by China.

I can only say about these tensions as below as my own view.This is just an expression from writer not an official statement from any government agency.

To China :

At the time of India independence all the territory was handed over to India by British Government .If any border dispute was there from China they should have reported that to British Government.Later India was divided into two parts entire world knows .How Chinea can claim any complaint related to any border dispute.Have you find India an easy target to showcase your supremacy ? These kind of power politics is absolutely not acceptable by India.

To Pakistan :

India & Pakistan gets divided due to ambition of two leaders to become prime minister even it was not acceptable by Gandhi Ji .Due to no other option left decision was taken to make two parts.Whatever was decided that time be happy with it.Why wasting your resource and money against India in collaboration with China always and trying to distract while knowing you can not achieve malicious objective.What ever you say we already have since 1947 how you can claim.Try to develop yourself.”

To Nepal :

India and Nepal have relationship from history .Place of Lord RAM and place of Janki Mata is tightly bind with each other with same religion followers .Do not get distracted no one is going to come to you in bad times and do not forget always remember association of general public of Nepal with India how well they are mixed up since many generation.So respect each other.

Coming back to topic again growth of number of reported covid-19 cases India is almost breaking daily world record of number of cases reported in a day.From last few week more than 90K cases on average getting reported while India also have made world record for number of recoveries in a day.

India is on neck fighting race expected to beat US soon.We have already started getting drug for covid -19 and many still lines up.India is having 30 vaccine development in progress.

With all that said let us pray that we are not interested in Number 1 position in this case specially and hope use of vaccine may help not to reach on top of the list and stop neck fighting race.

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