Police officer to conduct inquiry in Javed’s complaint


MUMBAI: A magistrate’s court Saturday directed the police to help you conduct an inquiry and posting a report after Bollywood veteran Javed Akhtar submitted a complaint against actor Kangana Ranaut alleging she had made defamatory statement against him to a news route. Akhtar’s statement was recorded by the courtyard on December 3.

Akhtar was present in court nowadays. His lawyer Niranjan Mundargi submitted arguments on the plea and the court passed the framework. The plea is scheduled turn into heard again on January 10.

The video inside the actor allegedly making the disparaging statements in the aftermath of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death choose to go viral.
Akhtar’s asking said he was shocked when he learnt Ranaut had on July nineteen given an interview to TV belay, Arnab Goswami , of Republic TV and Republic Bharat, endangering his “immaculate reputation by mistakenly attributing statements to him”.
“During the course of the very interview, the accused (Ranaut) proceeded to give her opinion(s) on the reasons around the death of Sushant Singh Rajput without appearing to have a direct personal knowledge of the circumstances, ” the plea said. It said it in the same interview she recognised Akhtar as being part of a part of a recent alleged “suicide gang”. The asking said these false and spiteful statements had an adverse effect on the mans reputation and had maligned his self-respect.
“At the same time, needlessly relocating the complainant’s name into wonderful unconnected sensitive matter is tantamount to extending veiled threats for that complainant, who is an extremely respectable contributer to the film fraternity, ” the most important plea said.

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