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Confidential Deportation Proceedings for fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya to bring him India Back

NEW DELHI : Central Government updated Supreme Court that “confidential” deportation process to bring fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya to the country was already in progress but they are not aware about current status.Confidential Deportation Proceedings for fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya to Bring him India Back is in progress but they do not have update as they are not part of proceedings. 

Central government also updated that they were not part of proceedings.

Justices bench consisting Mr. U.U Lalit & Ashok Bhushan have asked Mallya’s advocate to update court what kind of “confidential” proceedings were going on for his deportation.

Advocate Mr. Ankur Saigal who is looking after Mallya`s, told to the Supreme Court he was not aware what kind of “confidential” proceedings are going on.

Mr. Saigal said to the Supreme Court bench that he is only aware that his earlier request against deportation has been already rejected by court.

Supreme Court bench directed Mallya’s lawyers to inform your client by Nov 2 2020 to appear before the court and update when on the end of ongoing confidential proceedings in front of court.

 Central Government Advocate Rajat Nair updated to court that deportation was requested by court earlier and it has been performed continuously on court direction itself. That is the reason some confidential deportation efforts is under progress which we are not part of it due to nature of deportation effort.

Deportation proceedings is being worked with highest court of UK but seems got impacted due to covid situation and seems it is either stopped or just on hold he is not sure about it as of now.

Supreme Court have directed earlier fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya to appear before court on October 5 while deciding on fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya plea seeking review of 2017 verdict by Apex court in which court find him guilty of contempt for transferring $40 million funds to his children by violating Supreme Court orders and please was rejected by Apex court.

Fugitive businessman Mallya have been accused in defaulting bank loan case of over 9,000 crore through his defunct Kingfisher Airlines. He flew away to the United Kingdom while investigation was underway and central government is trying to deport him in consultation with United Kingdom highest court as confidential proceedings as mentioned above on court directive.

We all know earlier Fugitive businessman Mallya have offered settlement package of Rupees 13000 crore expressing his concern also declaring him fugitive even he have tried to settle it down earlier as well via some other medium as well.

Just to share as he said I have been member of parliament supported by Congress in Rajya Sabha still fugitive tag have been tagged as fugitive even i am ready to settle.

As per him Fugitive tag is harming him on individual basis .He is known businessman of India and he has been getting targeted. He also said earlier that I am not fugitive.

Matter is with court to decide so we cannot say more on this but we personally think it was golden opportunity to clear this out as he himself was ready to clear this out by more than his default which was supposed to be accepted as part of bank loan recovery. But we cannot say more on this.

Supreme directed earlier directed to registry department to explain them why Mallya’s review petition have not been listed before the related court for the last three years .Also directed registry department to furnish all related details including names of dealing officials for review petition in the last three years.

As above said consortium of banks headed by SBI reported in 2017 that Mallya had allegedly transferred $40 million received via British firm Diageo to his children. It was clear case of violation of judicial order issued.

Banks were seeking action and a direction from court to Mallya for re-depositing $40 million received from offshore firm Diageo respectively.

Consortium of banks have alleged that Mallya concealed information and diverted money to his son Siddhartha Mallya and daughters Leanna Mallya and Tanya Mallya in violating orders passed by the Karnataka High Court.

In May he have lost his application seeking leave to appeal his deportation to India in the UK Supreme Court as 28-day clock was set for his removal from the UK.

It was a big legal setback to flamboyant businessman from UK top court’s after losing his high court appeal against a deportation order to India with charge of fraud and money laundering on now non-functional Kingfisher Airlines.

Mallya has been settled in United Kingdom since March 2016 and is on bail .Deportation case was started three years back by Scotland Yard on April 18, 2017.

Now we need to wait and watch how this confidential deportation process is going to take place and he will be brought back to India or he can offer another settlement package and he will be able to settle it out.

As of now this is all about  confidential deportation proceedings for fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya to bring him India back .Keep visiting for further update on this.

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