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Compulsory licence not attractive: Government

NEW DELHI: The government on Thursday officially dismissed suggestions to invoke compulsory licensing provisions and waive patent rights to produce vaccines, which have been in short supply after the window was opened for all over18 years.
“Compulsory licensing is not a very attractive option since it is not a ‘formula’ that matters, but active partnership, training of human resources, sourcing of raw materials and highest levels of bio-safety labs which is required. Tech transfer is the key and that remains in the hands of the company that has carried out R&D,” the government said in a statement.
At the WTO, the government has, however, been pushing for suspension of patents for three years for Covid-19 drugs, vaccines and equipment, along with their parts and ingredients, as also access to technology and know-how to combat the deadly virus. It has managed to get the support of several developed and developing countries but is yet to convince several developed nations.
The government believes that instead of compulsory licencing partnerships should be the way forward as mere patent waiver will not serve the purpose.
“If vaccine-making was so easy, why would even the developed world be so short of vaccine doses?” the statement said.

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