China is worried how US will react after Donald Trump recovery from pandemic


    China is worried how US will react after Donald Trump recovery from pandemic even though China have wished for speedy recovery of Mr. President and his wife from coronavirus.

    Donald Trump have claimed China is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic during his first presidential debate against Joe Biden.

    Donald Trump says it was China’s fault and claimed it should never have happened before calling coronavirus as China plague.

    Months have passed since then he claimed consistently that it was initial failures by Beijing in controlling the pandemic. Virus have catastrophic effects in United States. It have taken more than 200,000 people life and infected more than 7 million which now includes US President Donald Trump & Melania Trump tested covid positive.

    Beijing have shown their anger and blamed and highlighted coronavirus was mishandled by Washington’s itself .Many countries who favor’s China also commented supporting them that they have managed coronavirus more effectively as compared to United States.

    United States taken it further and putting restrictions for business and Mobile Apps like TikTok Ban in US and SMIC and many other companies going through strict check.

    Hu Xijin commented on twitter about President and Melania Trump tested covid positive that they are paying price for his ignorance to take virus lightly.

    Later Hu deleted twitter post not sure it was his decision or any direction to do so by chinese government as he is very close ti cines administration.

    China’s government is mostly closed due to holiday still Ministry of Foreign Affairs have issued a statement wishing for speedy recovery to Mr. President and his wife Mrs. Melania Trump.

    As per news Beijing has reason of worry about Trump’s family tested positive. Beijing is really concerned as it have been marked as major topic in US election.

    Fear Beijing have that United State may start taking even harder actions considering their previous action taken against China as narrative has already established that Beijing is ultimately responsible for coronavirus in United State.

    As per Latest Report Mr. President is hospitalized and first time he have been seen with mask. Another 48 hours is critical for trump to fight with virus. He is battling at military hospital and before coming to hospital he was given oxygen on Friday morning.

    Wishing him & his wife Mrs. Melania good luck and speedy recovery and we need to wait and watch how state reacts after this incident.

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