China have deployed 60K troops on northern border of India


    WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have expressed his comment on China that they are not keeping themselves away from their bad behavior. China have deployed 60K troops on northern border of India.By deploying more than 60000 troops they are trying to threaten to Quad countries .This is China reaction to Quad meeting in Japan recently.

    Foreign ministers of Indo-Pacific nations now termed as Quad group which consists India, US, Japan, and Australia have met in Tokyo on Tuesday. This was their first in-person talks after the beginning of coronavirus pandemic. Quad meeting taken place due to China’s aggressive military behavior in the Indo-Pacific region and South China Sea region and along LAC in Ladakh.

    Indians can see that China have deployed 60K troops on northern border of India in Ladakh as per Pompeo in an interview on Friday once he returned from Tokyo after attending Quad meeting in Japan.

    Mike Pompeo said I was with foreign ministers of Quad group member’s countries like India, Australia, and Japan. Four big democracies across the world and four powerful economies of the world. All four nations each of them have real risk associated with the threats imposed by the Chinese Communist Party.

    Mike Pompeo also met External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in Tokyo on Tuesday and they can sense the need to work together for advancement, peaceful environment, prosperity and security in the Indo-Pacific region and also around the globe. Mike expressed that meeting with Mr. Jaishankar was productive.

    Quad countries have expressed their understanding that we all have ignored on this topic for too long. For more than decades west have allowed Chinese Communist Party to walk all over us. Previous administration too often allowed China to steal our intellectual properties and the millions of jobs that came along with it. They see that in their country too he said in an interview.

    Pompeo said in another interview with Larry O’Connor in his meetings with his counterparts from Japan, India and Australia that they started developing a set of understandings and policies which they can take as combined effort. All four countries need to work with common agreement to mitigate risk posed by China. Rest three   countries absolutely need US to be their ally and partner in this fight against China`s misbehavior in all the mentioned region.

    But we all have seen only India is actually having a physical confrontation with Chinese in Himalayas under northeastern part of India. Chinese have now begun to deploy huge forces against India in the north.

    Australia have simply said that China have screwed up them with the virus and they expressed concern to understand what happened and expressed their opinion to have a full investigation about expansion of coronavirus from Wuhan and China have confronted Australia as well in exchange that China will began to extort, coerce, bully Australia at international level.

    People in each of these countries now feels that China presents a threat to all of them. World has awakened now and tide’s begun to turn. United States under President Trump’s leadership has built out a coalition that will push back against the threat and maintain good order which must be rule of law and basic civic decency which comes from democracies controlling the world and we cannot allow authoritarian regimes as China is trying said by Pompeo.

    While talking with Fox News Pompeo said that Trump administration has begun to build out all the edifice of the structure and the allies and the coalition to push back against China to force China to behave responsibly is need of hour and also we aim to protect Americans from threat posed by China.

    While referring to his Quad meeting he said that three other countries Japan, India, and Australia were building out a coalition and trying to build partnerships and allies around the world with similar mindset and understanding countries who feels threat from China to overcome from current scenario.

    China have deployed over 60,000 soldiers against India in the north region LAC. When Australians have expressed their support for investigation about Wuhan spread virus and in reaction Chinese Communist Party threatened them as well as expressed by Pompeo to Fox News.

    Need of time is that we need partners and friends. They’ll certainly try to react. But what the China had become accustomed to franking and doing awfully since long time .America bend a knee and keep watching us turn the other cheek and appease them as per Pompeo.

    They keep doing malign activity and keep encouraging their bad behavior and they also sense that we are very serious with our push backs.

    China have very close eyes on Quad activities being done to confront them and impose costs upon them. I am confident that their activity over the time will change the nature of what the Chinese Communist Party tries to do to harm America Pompeo said.

    India is also expanding bilateral cooperation with Japan, US and Australia in the Indo-Pacific region to confront China`s misconduct.

    US has been supporting India to take a larger role in Indo-Pacific region also well supported by many other countries to contain China’s growing activities in the region.

    India have to close eye on development in area and ready to react for any situation as per India observation of China`s behaviour in past.China can not be believed as they always have malign behaviour.

    That’s it as of now about China have deployed 60K troops on northern border of India as shared by Mike Pompeo.

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