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Chamkrothamma – Her Story Associated Vishnu – Sri Vallabha Temple in Thiruvalla

Chamkrothamma was an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Vishnu who is
believed to have lived during the 8th century AD. Her original name was Sridevi
Antharjanam. She was born in the Vilwamangalam Madam in Muttur village. She was
married by Narayanan of Sankaramangalam Illam. It is believed that
Shankara Mangalath Amma over a period of usage got shortened and later became

She is believed to have lived in the Sankaramangalam Illam
which is located to the west of Sri Vallabha Temple in Thiruvalla. This temple is one among the 108 Divya Desams of Bhagavan Vishnu.

It is believed that Chamkrothamma had darshan of Bhagavan
Srihari Vishnu here and the Sri Vallabha Temple is located in the exact spot
where she had the darshan.

Chamkrothamma Story

Chamkrothamma was childless and to get a child she observed the
Ekadashi fasting. A person named Thukilan used to disturb the devotees
performing Ekadashi. It became impossible for people to end Ekadashi fasting

Once a Brahmachari came to visit Chamkrothamma on Ekadashi.
She was happy that she could feed someone on Dwadashi and end the Ekadashi fasting.
The Brahmachari told that he will come back and have food after taking bath.

The Brahmachari met Thukilan near the pond and annihilated the
cruel person.

The brahmachari returned and had the food made by

The Brahmachari was none other than Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu.
He installed Sudarshana Chakra where he was served food and disappeared. This
spot later became the Sri Vallabha Temple which is one among the 108 divya
desams associated with Bhagwan Vishnu.

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