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Bollywood Latest News : Bollywood is one stop destination of all unethical activities needs reforms to set standard across India

Media has been considered as mirror reflection of society.If you have been involved in bollywood movies you must have went through statement like “you win some,you lose some”  number of . You must have seen similar stories in any language cinema including bollywood as well.

Many such things are getting glamarised by bollywood and society is getting influenced too.Many incidents happened in society we have witnessed in past theft in bank following or influenced the way how it was planned in cinema.We mean to say society and cinema both influenced with each other.

It is obviously not happening now first time in India .All these issues have been happening since so long but get unnoticed across India and it is long practice to keep it under check with power money influence or any other sources.

Now in the era of media things are just getting escalated and it gets escalated across world media as everyone have global reach now.


is also at extreme everyone just target to others responsible .There was one huge movement ran by Anna few years back and got huge support from country resulted government change ultimately.But did it is addressed completely? I think most of us will be agree that absolutely not.Lot more needs to be done even present government is trying hard to make many common services available to public in terms of e-services as it has been seen may government related services are the one of the major factor of corruption in India.

May be few people disagree with statement but i will have one simple question to all those people “How many times you have given any donation to have your work done  in any completely private office” do recall honestly answer to this question you can easily find answer.

Nepotism in Bollywood

Nepotism is in current trend since SSR case in Bollywood.Do you think it is new issue in country ? No it is available in Indian Society since so long.Another word for it is favoritism .Is this new not at all. We have been seeing this over generations “Raja ka beta hi Raja Hoga”.If this concept is broken by anyone their must be buzz from people who engaged in nepotism .

In democratic country like India having Indian constitution also allow equal opportunities have to be provided to every citizen.Do you think all these true for every common man of India since inception of Indian Constitution.There are too many disputes where we can open discussion on the same but it will surely convert into big issues.

Bollywood Drug Case Investigation by NCB

This is also not any new issue in India. Either we have not taken this seriously  and there were many such policies from government in past.There were classification has been done acceptable and non acceptable drugs category considering the truth it is almost impossible to eliminate from society completely.Fews Drugs which were already commonly used across country and world placed into not acceptable categories by government.

#drugfreeindia Due to global reach and advancement in society and greedy community from world have promoted many latest drug with intention of their own benefit which is always dangerous for society in long term.

We need to focus on #drugfreeindia and many #kadwigoli kind of steps needs to taken by government not only present government may be future government as well if we want to achieve the #drugfreeindia goal.This seems absolutely not very much easy to implement as it may be associated with loss of revenue collected from drug industry. 

Take latest #shushant recent case how NCB is consistently exposing huge racket in Mumbai. In recent days whole countries have witnessed really bad example shown by local government. 

#bollywood is one stop destination of all unethical activities needs reforms to set standard across India.As it has been observed across India that Bollywood and local government setting really wrong example.

Many have argument that this is common issue and they have been targeted.Yes absolutely it is common issue but we have to start from somewhere and due to all recent circumstances it started from Mumbai.  

Sexism in Bollywood & India

This is also trending in news via #MeToo over the years.Recent example is #PayalGhosh harassment by #Anurag Kashyap case .It is well known secret of bollywood over many years and there were many cases reported in past.Matter is only that these cases are being overcome with use of money influence or power influence.

Another recent example of #dishasalian case how it was handled and common thinking behind it also pointing similar incident.

Who can forget #divyabharti incident took place in mumbai itself.Secret was never revealed what happened.

#jiahkhan country have witnessed what happened in #jiahkhan case in Mumbai.Nothing to say more about it. as entire country is well aware about it.

#aarushitalwar how country can forget about #aarushitalwar murder case .It was extreme example during many years and also exposed the arrangement in country how a common man of India have to struggle for justice over the years. 

#justicefornirbhaya do you recall #justicefornirbhaya how many years it was in main news across the country and what all happened which was witnessed by entire country.

#priyankareddy do you recall #priyankareddy case last year in hyderdabad.What all happened last year .One thing was very much appreciated in this case by common public of India quick justice even though officials going through scans.

Kangana has taken lead on all these issues and have paid for it but see the reactions from whom it was blamed and the reaction from local government which every common man of India understand why it is happening in this way how it looks in mumbai.

Kangana have already escalated similar things in past publically and it was not so well noticed this time it gets highlighted more in association with  to #justiceforsushantsinghrajput

This is Bollywood Latest News.There are many fiery issues in India which needs to be addressed.Case in #MeToo usually gets ignored due to money misuse or power misuse or whatever you can imagine. How long we keep ignoring is the main question.

Someday India have to address these concerns and if it is getting exposed so it can be taken as opportunity to close these fiery issues of common man concerns to set standard either it is case of drug,sexism or nepotism related concerns starting from Mumbai itself .

Many people give excuse that why #MeToo incidents gets reported later those have to understand these kind of exploitation happens only during their struggle period and you must be aware if it is reported same time there are many contributing factors like they have to destroy their career completely and fear factor stops them to report.

Country have witnessed many times that how much difficult to raise even fir against any influenced person and many have lost their life.

Similar kind of issue raised by Member of Parliament Mr. Ravi Kishan leader actor turned politician.See the reaction from Rajya Sabha Member #thali .This is trending as bollywood latest news trending in social media from last few days.

Not sure about this statement “Jis thali mein khate hai usi me chhed kar rahe hain ” means in reality. “Jahan biswas hota hai wahin biswasghat ho sakta hai” .If this statement you think is correct then there is no meaning of Rajya Sabha Member #thali quote.

If you are working anywhere or living anywhere and any malpractice in place you have to report and raise your voice against malpractice so it is meaningless to say you work or live here you can not raise concern. If someone is saying “Samunder mein rah ke magar se bair nahin le sakte” it smells like dictatorship. 

Basic rights seems to be on stake is kind of feelings common man have right now by considering current ongoings in india.All these fiery issues are very much controversial and different people may have difference of opinions which is always possible as a coin always have two face.But truth is truth which does not have two option.

It looks CBI,NCB and central agencies are already on top of it and let us assume we will have some kind of conclusion related to #justiceforsushantsinghrajput or #PayalGhosh or #dishasalian and all fiery issues. Let`s have fare investigation before prooven guilty and do not leave if proven guilty.

Our objective must be more simpler really equal rights for all across India leaving all statism and all other things behind to progress as a country.

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