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Apple may replace passwords with face and touch recognition when signing up for online services

Tech giant Apple is planning to introduce a new security feature for the iPhone and Mac. Called Passkeys in iCloud Keychain, the feature will remove the need of remembering passwords for a user by replacing the password functionality with Face ID or Touch ID when it comes to signing up for new online services. Apple announced this feature in one of the developer sessions called ‘Move beyond passwords’. The feature would come to iOS15 and macOS Monterey but will need a third party service to work.
So, the general idea, and how it will be experienced by users, is that when they try to sign up for a new online service, it would just require their Face ID or Touch ID, without needing any password from their side, which removes the passwords from play altogether. Apple says that in the process of signing in, two cryptographic keys will be created: one public and one private. The private key is never sent to the server so that should make you invisible if some hacker tries some tack to take control of your credentials.
The feature, for now, would work only on Apple devices, but it seems to be a good starting point at least. If Apple could roll out the feature to other devices too in the future, it would make for a better case with security of your personal data, or we should rather say, a better shield against potential data hacking attempts.

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