Apple iPhone 13 users are facing this problem when unlocking their phones

Apple recently launched the iPhone 13 series and as the devices went on sale, few users noticed a bug in them. The users received an “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch” error message when they tried to use the Unlock with Apple Watch feature on their devices. The feature was introduced by the company in April to help users unlock their iPhones when wearing a face mask as Face ID can’t authenticate with masks on.
The bug was first reported on a Reddit thread in which a user said “So I have an Apple Watch SE and just got my iPhone 13 Pro today, both of which are fully up to date with the newest iOS updates. Whenever I try to unlock with Apple Watch on my phone I get an error saying “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch”.”
It looks like that typical-issue fixes such as restarting and pairing both devices aren’t working either as the user further mentioned “I’ve tried unpairing/repairing, hard resetting both watch and phone, turning off/on passcode and I’m at a total loss?”
The Reddit thread has been further joined by several other iPhone users who are also reporting the similar issue. The conversations about the bug have started filling Apple Support forums as well. Reportedly, the bug is only part of the newly launched iPhone 13 series and the feature is working fine on other iPhone models.
This week iPhone users have already reported a few bugs related to devices’ storage in the new operating system. Although Apple has stopped signing new code for iOS 17.0.1, it has started testing the beta testing of iOS 15.1 this week. With a growing list of bugs it is expected that the company will soon roll out iOS 15.0.1.

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