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Amazon app quiz June 4, 2021: Get answers to these five questions and win Rs 20,000 in Amazon Pay balance

Amazon is back with another edition of its daily app quiz. Those participating in today’s quiz can win Rs 20,000 in Amazon Pay balance.
To become eligible for the quiz prize, a user has to answer all questions of the quiz correctly. Name of the winner will be chosen via lucky draw.
Amazon daily app quiz consists of five questions that are based on general knowledge and current affairs. It is an app only quiz and is available on both Android and iOS mobile apps.
The quiz starts daily at 12 am and continues till 12 midnight. Results of today’s quiz will be announced on June 5.
Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with their respective answers that can help you win Rs 20,000 in Amazon Pay balance

  1. Widely in news, what medical condition describes an absence of enough oxygen in the tissues to sustain bodily functions?
  2. Miguel Diaz-Canel is serving as the first secretary of the Communist Party in which country since 2021?
  3. ISRO is going to execute the Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (LUPEX) with which other space agency?
  4. With respect to the solar system, what is NOT true about this planet?
    It is the coldest planet
  5. This is a picture of what?
    Tallest grass

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