AAP to ‘allocate 25% budget for edu in UP’

AAP leader Manish Sisodia had a discussion intellectuals on education sector in Uttar Pradesh.

PRAYAGRAJ: Aam Admi Party (AAP) leader and deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia said on Thursday that if voted to power in Uttar Pradesh, his party would allocate 25% budget for education sector.
Sisodia arrived in Prayagraj on Thursday to meet the intellectuals from the city and discuss ‘UP Ki Shiksha Ki Baat’.
“If the people of UP vote for us, we will provide them with a better education system,” he said.
Sisodia was of the view that the AAP has emerged as a better option for the people of Uttar Pradesh who are always concerned about the need of a proper education system in the state.
He accused the BJP-led state government for reducing the education budget from 17% to 13%.
Sisodia also alleged that about 40% of UP schools do not have power supply and most of the school buildings are in a dilapidated state.
He said, “If AAP forms government in UP, we will immediately allocate 25% of the budget for education. Not only the government schools will become better spots for education, but all the vacant posts will also be filled without any delay.”
He also promised that just like the initiative of the Delhi government, in UP also the teachers would be imparted training in foreign countries.
Sisodia further said, “We will give 300 units of electricity free to all households. Besides, the AAP government will also bring better schemes in higher education for poor children.”
“The standard of education in UP government schools is so abysmal that parents of 60% children were forced to send their wards to private schools. If we go five years back and look at the records, about 60% children were studying in government schools. But this has changed now,” he alleged.
“Moreover, UP schools lack toilets which has adversely affected female teachers,” he added.


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