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Aamir Khan at Bennett University Convocation 2020 : I was not chasing success stayed strong on self made principle

Image Source : Aamir Khan Twitter

Aamir Khan has established himself as one of the versatile actor from Bollywood Hindi Film Industry. Amir started as a chocolaty hero in Bollywood with his first film QSQT. Basically when this film was released initially it did not performed well and picked up unexpectedly and it was a massive hit and loved by youth across India.

All must be realize that after that he never look back and he has been maintaining proper selection of scripts and he maintained consistency in his performances followed by intelligent choice of scripts for his upcoming films.

Aamir Khan at Bennett University Convocation 2020 today and he revealed that after his first film QSQT he was not happy what films he was doing because I signed about eight or nine films on similar kind of scripts as directors were all new and unaware at that time.

These films started getting flopped then people and media started naming me as One Film Wonder. My career was sinking at that time. I was shattered and felt like going to be thrown from Bollywood very soon if situation remains same for some time. Even I cried as well on myself and my blind selection of films after QSQT.

To come out of it I swore to myself that I will not sign next movie until i have an excellent director, excellent producer and great script.

Sharing further i got a call from Mahesh Bhatt during that point.Bhatt sahab was at peak of his  career as a director. Earlier he have made movies like Saransh, Arth and Naam. All these movies was having great success.

He called me and offered me a movie. I went to meet him and I have listen story of movie and I did not like the story at that time.

Bhatt sahab was such a great director at that time and announcement of the film may have given me a another chance in Bollywood.

It must be wise decision to sign  Bhatt sahab’s film that time but I have promised myself that unless I love script, producer and director i will not sign new film as I said earlier so I stayed strong and I said no to film by saying honestly that I did not like the script.

I was not very much clear that should be practical at that time or to be honest.So next day I visited Bhatt sahab and told him honestly that I did not like the script being a new comer in Bollywood.

I also told him that after this you may not offer any film to me after this but I want to be honest. He respected my feelings and agreed.Bhatt Sahab told next year I am going to make another movie with you Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin.

So what exactly I have to say that if I have done that film with Bhatt sahab and compromised on my belief then my entire career must have been compromised.

Aamir also shared his experience before 3 Idiot when Rajkumar Hirani approached him for the role of engineering student I really loved script of 3 Idiots and respect  Rajkumar Hirani as a director but told him I am 44 years old why would like me to play a engineering student’s role? He added that he was not chasing success and believes someone loves him.

Aamir said that primary responsibility of cinema is to entertain. If I need to understand about philosophy and sociology I need to join college. Almost every profession have one specific responsibility like judiciary gives justice, doctors primary responsibility to secure your health and so on. 

I am not judgmental to people who make only entertainment films which is your primary responsibility and if you are entertaining and giving valuable time to people it is absolutely ok.

Giving some real life advice to student from his biggest learning in his life he told to students that life is too short on this earth so all should try to make people happy.

He also added that if you make someone happy you will feel good about yourself and you will leave behind yourself in your personal journey and people will remember you till long time.

Aamir also advised students visit the country you will have a priceless experience and it will open your eyes to many new things.

Aamir also shared his next project Laal Singh Chaddha co-starred by Kareena Kapoor Khan. Aamir New Film Laal Singh Chaddha will be a remake of Hollywood film Forrest Gump.

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