5 ‘important’ photos that you must have on your smartphone

Smartphones have turned almost everyone into a photographer of some kind. People live clicking selfies, ‘usfies’, ‘groupfies’, images of food. And then there is the ‘junk’ of screenshots, memes and so many other images. Amidst this clutter, what you also need are ‘important’ photos that can come in handy. Here are five such important photos:

Covid-19 vaccination certificate

A really important document in the world we live in today. You might be asked to show proof that you are fully/partially vaccinated and a photo of your online certificate can come in handy. You can download the certificate from the CoWin website or use the Aarogya Setu app to show if and when asked for it.

Aadhaar card

Another important document to have on you at your fingertips is the Aadhaar card. Although you can download a digital copy of your Aadhaar card, carrying a photo of it won’t do any harm. If you aren’t carrying a physical copy of your Aadhaar card, a photo may be a useful substitute.


Driving License

Not exactly a photo of the license but a digital copy of it can be handy. For instance, in New Delhi, a digital copy of the driving license is accepted as an “original” as long as it is on the m-Parivahan app or the DigiLocker app. In case, your internet isn’t working then a photo of the license on these two apps can be useful to have on your smartphone.

Other car-related documents

Just like your driving license, the RC or Registration Certificate can be kept digitally on the above two-mentioned apps. As with the license, you can keep a screenshot/photo of it for ‘emergencies’. You can also download a copy of your car insurance and then screenshot it and store it on your smartphone.
PAN Card
Well, you might need your PAN Card as often as an Aadhaar card or driving license but it is an important identity proof. Also, at a bank or a financial institution, you might need to give your PAN and a photo of it can be useful as you wouldn’t have to memorise it.=

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