4,360 dengue cases in Firozabad since August

AGRA: With four more deaths in the last 24 hours, the toll in Firozabad district – the hub of Uttar Pradesh’s dengue outbreak – reached 208 till Wednesday. Of these, 178 were children, locals confirmed. However, the chief medical officer (CMO) claimed 63 cases of deaths due to dengue-like symptoms following a “verbal death audit” in the past month. Since August, 4,360 cases of dengue have been reported in the district.
With hospitals reserving all their resources for patients in critical condition, over 25,000 people are now bedridden at home, according to officials. More than 1,500 cases of dengue have surfaced in the nearby districts of Agra, Mathura, Kasganj and Etah as well.
Nagla Amaan village, where the first cases of viral fever were reported last month, so far, 10 families have moved out following 12 fever-related deaths in three weeks. Some 200 residents are still battling with the fever, but the government health centre at the village is still shut.
Anshu Yadav, a grocery shop owner at Nagla Amaan, said, “Ten families with five to 10 members each have left the village. The situation is the same in nearby villages. Almost every family in the village has a member suffering from dengue-like fever, but proper treatment facilities do not exist.”
Veeresh Kumar, a village elder, said, “People are dying without proper treatment. So far, 12, including four children, have died. Families are either leaving or sending their children away to protect them.” He blamed local authorities for poor sanitation and waterlogging at the village, the main reasons for the spread of infection.
Village Nagla Mavasi resident, Virendra Singh who works as a farmer said, “I have sent my two kids to their aunts’ house in Aligarh. Others have also done the same. The only children in the village are the ones who’ve come back from hospital. So far, 14 people have died in the village. Most of them were children. Each family has a member suffering from fever.”
Village Okhra resident, Kamla said, “Eight persons have died here in the past one month. Two children died waiting for treatment at the Firozabad medical college. People are scared to go to government hospitals and are selling their jewellery and animals to arrange for treatment at private centres.”
There are 64 active camps in the district and 5,000 people, including those suffering from fever, are undergoing treatment there, CMO Dinesh Kumar Premi said. The CMO blamed the dengue outbreak on improper water storage by the public that allows mosquitoes to breed. “So far, 4,360 cases of dengue have been confirmed in the district,” he said.
The CMO added, “Over 100 teams of health staffers have been tasked to conduct door-to-door surveys to identify the patients and provide them with medicines and required assistance. So far, 63 deaths of patients suffering viral fever and dengue symptoms have been confirmed following a verbal death audit conducted by our teams.”
In Agra district, two children suffering high fever died under treatment on Wednesday, taking the district toll to 31. Of these, 26 were children, health department officials said. So far, 160 cases of dengue have been found in the district.

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