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25 Feet High Ganesha Carved On Single Rock – Avancha Village – Telangana

Aishwarya Ganapathi located at Avancha Village – Telangana.
The murti is nearly 25 feet tall and 15 feet in width. It is carved out of a
single rock. Aishwarya Ganapathy is located around 40 km east of Mahbubnagar and
19 km east of Jadcherla.

The Ganesha murti is incomplete as the king who commissioned
the murti died midway through the carving of the monolithic sculpture.

Aishwarya Ganapati belongs to the Western Chalukya period
and is believed to have carved during the 12th century AD.

Avancha was the capital King Thylapadu of the western
Chalukya dynasty. The sculpture was carved around 1113 CE.

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